Because Christmas glitter brightens up places and minds

When it comes to Christmas decorations, we are the specialists for stagings with that special something. Our individual creations always carry something very special. We always try to integrate details that are interwoven with the respective identity of a city or place. In addition, we always develop new types of decorative objects that move and inspire people. These special features make the installation unmistakable and give people a positive mood for shopping, enjoying and experiencing – regardless of whether they have a small or large budget.
Emotional: Extraordinary concepts to amuse and amaze.
Regionally exclusive: Tailor-made solutions with a regional connection.
Intelligent: Interactive decoration experiences and holistic storytelling with state-of-the-art technology.
Cost-conscious: Our designs follow your budget.
Sustainable: Exclusive use of LED lighting products. Decoration products mainly from partners in Germany and the EU.
Buy local! Diesen Gedanken unterstützen wir aus tiefster Überzeugung. Denn schwierige Zeiten erfordern besonderes Handeln und als Unternehmen aus Hamburg liegt uns die hiesige Wirtschaft besonders am Herzen. Unterstützen Sie gerne auch uns als Teil der deutschen Wirtschaft.