First Christmas is an active member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) based in New York and a member of several national councils in Europe and on the Persian Gulf.

Every year we sponsor the ICSC European Marketing Conference, a conference for centre managers and marketing experts from across Europe. For many years, First Christmas founder, Dr. Kersten Rosenau, was a member of the planning committee of this conference.

First Christmas is a particularly active member of the German Council of Shopping Centers: Dr. Rosenau is the regional commissioner for Northern Germany.

On a European level, First Christmas sponsors the “International Shopping Center of the Year Award”. Dr. Rosenau himself will be presenting this award at a ceremony in June 2012 at the Natural History Museum.

First Christmas is often asked to write for industry publications. Dr. Rosenau was recently invited to author the key article on centre decoration for the all important, “Shopping Center Manual”.