Light Sculptures

Lights create emotions

We need rays of hope! Let’s bring a bit of magic to our city centres – and the radiance back into people’s eyes! Let us now strengthen the vibrancy and diversity of our cities and retail spaces. Whether large or small – we create extraordinary, sparkling light sculptures to amaze, smile and delight. For shopping centres, town squares, pedestrian zones, shopping streets …
Attractive: Light sculptures create wonderful points of attraction for people. As an exhibition, photo competition or for other activities to increase footfall.
Visible: Light sculptures unfold their wow effect not only at night but also in daylight.
Variable: Development of a basic theme on request, can be used repeatedly for a wide variety of occasions.
Cost-saving: “Zoo of Lights” with 10 to 15 animals as a travelling circus for hire.
Buy local! Diesen Gedanken unterstützen wir aus tiefster Überzeugung. Denn schwierige Zeiten erfordern besonderes Handeln und als Unternehmen aus Hamburg liegt uns die hiesige Wirtschaft besonders am Herzen. Unterstützen Sie gerne auch uns als Teil der deutschen Wirtschaft.

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